16-inch Distillate Pipeline – Wilkesbarre Pier East Providence, RI

 Distilaate-PipelineClient: Capital Terminal Company
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI
Completion Date: 2004
Total Project Value: $435,000

Relevant Project Features:

• Prepared Plans and Specifications
• Prepared RICRMC permit Application
• Prepared Construction Budget Estimates
• Performed Construction Phase Services

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by Getty Realty Corp. to design, permit, and construction manage the replacement of an existing 14-inch diameter distillate pipeline on the Wilkesbarre Pier (owned and operated by Capital Terminal Company) with a new 16-inch diameter pipeline. This Project was part of a settlement agreement between CTC and Getty to increase the flow rate of offloading petroleum vessels at the Pier. RTG worked closely with both parties in completing this project.

RTG designed, permitted, and construction managed the installation of the new 600 foot long, 16-inch distillate pipeline. This work included replacement of the existing barge manifold, replacement of the existing ship manifold, and the replacement of the existing 8-inch diameter ship hoses with new 12-inch diameter ship hoses. The work was designed and installed such that only one short-duration interruption occurred for the switchover of the 14-inch to the 16-inch pipeline.

In addition, RTG was responsible for the evaluation and design of repairs to existing pipeline support foundations, support structures and catwalks, and winch layout for use during operation of the ship hoses. RTG also evaluated the maximum crane loads that could be applied to the existing Pier structure and concrete pile-supported loading platform.

The Pier is an active offloading facility which required coordination with the client and the contractor for vessel interruptions, material deliveries, and construction activities. Upon completion of the pipeline switchover from the 14-inch to the 16-inch pipeline, RTG oversaw and certified the pressure test of the new 16-inch diameter distillate pipeline. RTG has since worked closely with CTC in evaluating and optimizing the operation of the new 12-inch ship hoses to safely offload distillate fuels from tankers.