Hartland Viaduct Survey – Providence RI

Hartland Viaduct Survey  1Client: Hartland Building and Restoration Co.
P.O. Box 614
East Granby, CT
Completion Date: May 2014
Total Project Value: $3,500.00

Relevant Project Features:

• Performed a construction layout       survey

Hartland Viaduct Survey  2

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Hartland Building and Restoration Co. (HBR) to provide survey services as a part of the I-95 Viaduct Replacement Project located in Providence, Rhode Island. RTG performed the survey to establish the installation locations of bridge rollers mounted on temporary shoring towers used to launch and support a Mabey bridge structure, which served as a temporary highway off-ramp from I-95 South.

RTG surveyed the previously installed shoring towers and staging beams to establish their relative locations and elevations. The survey data was then processed to determine the required bridge roller horizontal alignments and elevation adjustments to align the bridge with the opposing abutment.

Following the data processing, RTG returned to the site to layout the required locations of the bridge rollers on the shoring towers and their respective staging beams. HBR then installed the rollers based on the layout locations and subsequently launched the Mabey bridge structure to its final position.