South Tank Farm Expansion – East Providence RI

South Tank 1Client: Dunellen, LLC
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI
Completion Date: 2006
Total Project Value: $3,900,000

Relevant Project Features:

• Prepared Revised Foundation and Facility    Drawings and Specifications
• Prepared Tank Orientation Plans and Contract Documents
• Performed Construction Budget Estimate and Project Budget Tracking
• Performed Construction Management and Scheduling of Four Separate Contracts
• Performed Administrative Duties for Four Contracts
• Performed Construction Layout and Inspection Services

South Tank 2

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained to construction manage the completion of the South Tank Farm Expansion, which included the construction of a 140 foot diameter, 152,000 barrel capacity and 150 foot diameter, 175,000 barrel capacity above ground storage tanks. The construction project also included the relocation and reconstruction of the earthen containment berm, the completion and/or reconstruction of the tank foundations, the installation of the GCL liner, tank cathodic protection systems, and mechanical product and fire protection piping. The construction cost for this portion of the expansion project was about $3.9M.

The original South Tank Farm Expansion was designed for the construction of two (2) 140- foot-diameter above ground storage tanks, but the project was not completed at the time of design. Mr. Turcotte was the design project manager while at his previous employer, and since the project has moved forward with construction, Mr. Turcotte has been the Principal and Senior Project Manager for RTG for the completion of the project. The increase in tank size from 140 feet to 150 feet in diameter was evaluated for code requirements and facility layout capacity by RTG in order to provide the Facility with an overall storage capacity of 1 Million Barrels.

RTG was responsible for coordinating the four different site contractors and overseeing the progress and completeness of the work being performed. RTG also coordinated material purchasing and scheduling, monitored the contract milestones, and resolved schedule conflicts.

RTG performed construction layout of the new tank for minimum setback requirements and layout of tank appurtenances for the Owner’s operation. RTG processed all administrative and construction submittals for the Owner. Prior to installing the tank foundation, RTG directed the site contractor to relocate and reconstruct the earthen containment berm to accommodate the larger tank and modify the concrete retaining wall adjacent to existing storage buildings at the Facility.