MFN Regional Water Pollution Control Facility Dewatering Plans

Client: Daniel O’Connell’s Sons
1000 Franklin Village Drive
Franklin, MA
Completion Date: 2017
Total Project Value: N/A

Relevant Project Features:

  • Prepared the Dewatering Plans
  • Coordinated for and Observed a Geotechnical Investigation
  • Performed Soil Characterization Testing
  • Provided Claims and Mediation Support

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by Daniel O’Connell’s Sons (DOC) to prepare dewatering plans for the construction the Water Pollution Control Facility Phase II Upgrade at the MFN Regional Wastewater District WPCF in Norton, MA.

RTG developed individual dewatering plans for four (4) separate excavations throughout the existing treatment facility. The plans generally relied on dewatering sumps and pumps, deep dewatering wells, and well-points to dewatering the silt/sandy soils that were indicated to be present at the site by the Contract Documents.

DOC also performed a geotechnical investigation in order to install observation wells throughout the site. RTG coordinated for and observed this investigation, and collected soil samples for subsequent soil characterization testing. During the testing, it was determined that the permeability of the existing soils was much less than that indicated by the Contract Documents, and that the dewatering plans needed to be revised accordingly. RTG adjusted the dewatering plans based on the testing data, and DOC successfully dewatered the applicable excavations.