Bleachery Pond Dam Low-Level Outlet Inspection – North Kingstown RI

Bleachery-Pond-Dam-1Client: Providence Casket Company
One Industrial Circle
Lincoln, RI 02865
Completion Date: 2011
Total Project Value: $8,500.00

Relevant Project Features:

  • Performed a top-side inspection
  • Observed an underwater dive inspection
  • Prepared a Summary Report
  • Prepared Conceptual Plans
  • Coordinated with the RIDEM Office of Compliance


RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Providence Casket Company (PCC) to perform a visual inspection of the Bleachery Pond Dam low-level outlet. The PCC had received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from RIDEM as a result of the low-level outlet being inoperable, and requested that RTG assess the validity of the NOV. Accordingly, RTG conducted a topside visual inspection and observed an underwater dive inspection of the low-level outlet. It was ascertained during the topside inspection that the dam actually had two-low level outlets, at which point RTG proceeded to inspect both. Upon completing the inspections, RTG prepared a report summarizing the findings and concluded that the inoperable low-level outlets did not significantly jeopardize the stability or hydraulic capacity of the dam. RTG was also responsible for preparing conceptual sketches of the dam; recommending repair alternatives to return the outlets to their function; and preparing a preliminary construction cost estimate for repairs. Bleachery-Pond-Dam-3Bleachery-Pond-Dam-4bleachery-Pond-Dam-5