Canada Pond Dam Alternatives Evaluation Report – Providence RI

Canada-Pond-Dam-1Client: City of Providence Parks and Recreation Dept.
1000 Elmwood Avenue
Providence, RI
Completion Date: 2013
Total Project Value: $25,000

Relevant Project Features:

• Performed a Topside Visual Inspection
• Observed a Dive Inspection
• Observed Concrete Coring and Test Holes
• Developed Repair Alternatives
• Prepared Conceptual Plans for Repairs
• Prepared Budget-Level Construction Cost Estimates

Canada-Pond-Dam-2Canada-Pond-Dam-3 Canada-Pond-Dam-4

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the City of Providence, Parks and Recreation Department (the City) to perform an inspection of and recommend repair alternatives for Canada Pond Dam in Providence, RI.

RTG performed a topside visual inspection to evaluate and document the deficiencies in the 350-foot-long concrete gravity retaining wall dam. RTG also observed a dive inspection of the upstream concrete retaining wall; selective concrete coring of the dam’s concrete structures; and hand-dug test holes on the earth embankments behind the upstream retaining wall.

An Alternatives Evaluation Report was then prepared based on the findings, in which repair alternatives were developed and ranked according to the established criteria. In addition, budget-level construction cost estimates were prepared for each alternative to aid the City in making financial appropriations to implement the work.