QRC Walkway Repairs – Coventry RI

Photo 1Client: Quidnick Reservoir Co.
55 Welthian Court
Warwick, RI
Completion Date: 2007
Total Project Value: $150,000

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Underwater Video Dive Inspections
  • Plans and Specifications for Repairs/Improvements
  • Construction Observation

Photo 2RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Quidnick Reservoir Company (QRC) to perform an underwater video dive inspection and complete repairs to the timber sluice gates, trash rack, and walkway at their existing gatehouse located at the Flat River Reservoir Dam.

The repairs were required because one of the three existing timber sluice gates was not seating properly, the existing timber trash rack was in poor condition, and the existing timber walkway was vandalized.

The repairs included replacing the stem guides, splicing a gate stem, furnishing, and installing a new trash rack, and furnishing and installing a new aluminum walkway around the gatehouse.