RIDEM Notice of Intent to Enforce –Coventry RI

RIDEM Notice of Intent to EnforceClient: Confidential Client
Coventry, RI
Completion Date: 2006
Total Project Value: $50,000

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Developed Repair Plans
  • Coordinated with RIDEM
  • Construction Phase Services

When the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) issued a NOTICE OF INTENT TO ENFORCE, RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the reported dam owner to address the items of concern raised by RIDEM.  These items included an upstream erosion area Photo 2that resulted in less than 1 foot of freeboard between the normal reservoir elevation and the top of the dam.  RTG worked closely with the RIDEM and reported dam Owner to develop a cost effective and acceptable repair plan.  RTG also negotiated the final repair costs with the selected Contractor and provided resident observation services during the repairs.

The final repair included construction of a permanent riprap berm to allow the erosion area to be dewatered and backfilled; placing geotextile fabric on the backside of the riprap berm and on the upstream side of the downstream retaining wall; rebuilding the upper portion of the downstream retaining wall; spot pointing of selected retaining wall stones; and backfilling the erosion area with compacted gravel fill up to the top of the existing downstream retaining wall.