Environmental Compliance and SPCC/Facility Response Revisions East Providence RI

Environmental Compliance and SPCC 1Client: Capital Terminal Company
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI
Completion Date: On Going
Total Project Value: $70,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Perform Monthly Environmental Monitoring
  • Prepared the SPCC Plan
  • Updated the Facility Response Plan
  • Coordinated Review with the US EPA
  • Designed an Active Remediation System

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Capital Terminal Company to provide environmental compliance services for their Petroleum Bulk Storage Facility located on Dexter Road in East Providence, Rhode Island. These services include monthly site wide monitoring of environmental wells throughout the Facility and reporting the results annually to RIDEM. RTG is also responsible for performing semi-annual sampling and testing of storm water discharge, reporting the results to RIDEM, and coordinating action that is required to maintain compliance with existing discharge permits.

Environmental Compliance and SPCC 2RTG was also tasked with revising the Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan for the Facility and updating the Facility Response Plan. The Facility stores in excess of 30 million gallons of mixed petroleum products and was audited by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). During this project, RTG worked with the terminal manager to correlate the data necessary for plan development. This included relevant information concerning hazardous material storage and the potential impacts of releases, ranging from small spills to catastrophic tank failures.

The SPCC Plan included the development of appropriate response/remedial measures to a wide range of spill and release scenarios. These included simple clean-up and regulatory notification for small spills, to mobilization of the US Coast Guard Emergency Response Action Team for a major release into Narragansett Bay. Since this facility also engages in the transfer of petroleum products from ship to shore, a Facility Response Plan to deal with water-related release incidents was also required. This plan shared many of the same aspects of the SPCC Plan. RTG assisted in the revisions to this Plan and provided Plan preparation and EPA regulation coordination for submitting the revisions.