Seekonk River Combined Sewer Overflow Interceptor – Regulator Narragansett Bay Commission Providence RI

Seekonk River Combined Sewer Overflow Interceptor 1Client: R.P. Iannuccillo & Sons Construction Co.
70 Calverly St.
Providence, RI
Completion Date: 2012
Total Project Value: $590,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Designed the combined Sheet Pile/Soldier Pile and Lagging SOE
  • Prepared Construction Issue Plans
  • Prepared the Dewatering Plan
  • Provided quick re-design turnaround to address an obstruction encountered during construction

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by R. P. Iannuccillo and Sons Construction Company of Providence, Rhode Island to prepare a Temporary Support of Excavation (SOE) Submittal and Dewatering Plan for the installation of a Combined Sewer Overflow Interceptor-Regulator in an existing masonry pipe on the Seekonk River.

The challenge in designing the SOE came from the tight site constraints due to existing structures and also the requirement that the SOE be installed around the existing masonry pipe while maintaining a relatively water tight condition.

Seekonk River Combined Sewer Overflow Interceptor 2To confront these issues, RTG designed a combination steel sheet pile/ soldier pile and lagging wall that were internally braced with wales and struts. The steel sheeting comprised

the majority of the SOE while the soldier pile and lagging portion was utilized around the existing masonry pipe.

The Dewatering Plan was developed to account for the increased anticipated inflow into the SOE from the Seekonk River and allowed for the successful replacement of the Interceptor-Regulator.

During construction of the SOE, refusal of the sheet piles was encountered sooner than anticipated due to an obstruction, requiring a re-design of the internal bracing. RTG performed the re-design with a quick turnaround, allowing for the project to move forward with minimal loss of time.