NBC 004-061 Facilities Project – Providence RI

NBC 004-061 Facilities Project 1Client: R.P. Iannuccillo and Sons Construction Co.
70 Calverly Street
Providence, RI
Completion Date: 2004
Entire Project: 8,400,000

Relevant Project Features:

• Prepared Engineering Submittals and Plans and Specifications for Construction
• Developed innovative Drop and Vent shaft design never before used
• Provided on-call field service and troubleshooting
• Provided Construction Claims support

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by R.P. Iannuccillo and Sons Construction Company of Providence, Rhode Island to prepare all engineering submittals associated with the construction of the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) 004/061 Facilities Project (NBC Contract No. 01:302.08-C). This project included excavation support design for several below grade structures ranging from about 30 to 40 feet deep, the design of a 220-foot-deep drop and vent shaft, pile testing, dewatering design, soil management, and construction claims support.NBC 004-061 Facilities Project 2

There were five (5) separate below grade structures and each excavation support system consisted of an internally braced steel sheet pile wall. Dewatering was accomplished using internal sumps and pumps and collected groundwater was discharged through a sedimentation basin designed by RTG. During excavation, contaminated soils were encountered and soil samples were collected by RTG for analytical testing prior to the offsite disposal of the stockpiled material.

RTG utilized Embedded and Lined Cylinder Pipe (ECP and LCP) for the 220-foot-deep drop and vent shafts. This innovative design required special connection and lifting details to allow the pipe to be installed in the “wet” and in a vertical position. This was the first time this technique had been utilized in the United States, and RTG’s design was subsequently used by two other NBC Contractors. It is important to note that RTG’s design not only saved R.P. Iannuccillo and Sons Construction Company time and money, it resulted in a product that is superior in the opinion of the NBC (the Owner).

The NBC 004/061 Facilities Project was a 2-year-long project that was completed in the summer/fall of 2004. During this project, RTG was retained by two (2) other Contractors to provide similar engineering services for NBC Contract Nos. 01:302.08-10 and -11 (constructed by Modern Continental Construction Company of Cambridge, MA and Walsh Construction Company of Illinois).