RIDOT Railroad Site Work – Providence RI

Photo 1Client: ROADS Corporation
55 East Main Street
PO Box 1666
Plainfield, CT
Completion Date: 2005
Total Project Value: $500,000

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Prepared Engineering Submittals and Plans and Specifications for Construction
  • Design Analysis for a Well Point Dewatering System
  • Provided on-call field services and trouble shooting

ridotRT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by ROADS Corporation of Plainfield, Connecticut to design the excavation support systems for jacking a water line beneath the AMTRAK mainline in Warwick, Rhode Island. Pipe jacking was required to maintain rail service and was completed at two (2) crossing locations.

The jacking and receiving pits were about 12-feet-wide by 22-feet-long and12-feet-wide by 15-feet-long, respectively. The total excavation depth within the jacking and receiving pits was about 15 feet. An internally braced sheet pile wall system was utilized to support the excavations, and a concrete reaction block was designed to allow the casing pipe to be jacked under the AMTRAK mainline tracks.

RTG prepared and stamped all of the engineering submittals associated with the construction of the jacking and receiving pits In addition, RTG worked closely with ROADS Corporation to utilize their preferred sheeting and materials and develop a cost effective solution. In conjunction with the jacking and receiving pits, RTG completed design analyses for the well-point dewatering system installed for pipe jacking.