Ten Rod Road I-95 Overpass Exeter RI

Ten Rod Road I-95 Overpass 1Client: Beta Group, Inc.
6 Blackstone Valley Pl.
Lincoln, RI
Completion Date: 2011
Total Project Value: $30,000.00

Relevant Project Features:

  • Performed a Geotechnical Investigation
  • Prepared the Geotechnical Data and Design Basis Reports
  • Prepared the SOE Plans and Specifications

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by BETA Engineering, Inc. (BETA) to complete a subsurface investigation at two (2) existing bridge structures and prepare and submit the Geotechnical Data and Design Basis Reports to the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. RTG was also responsible for Support of Excavation (SOE) design for the proposed widening.

A total of four (4) confirmatory soil borings were completed to bedrock at both bridge structures and four (4) test pits were completed to evaluate the reuse of onsite material during the proposed widening of both bridges.

RTG provided full-time inspection during the geotechnical investigation, logged the soil boring and test pits, collected samples during the investigation, prepared and submitted the Geotechnical Data at Design Basis Reports, and designed the SOE Systems.

Ten Rod Road I-95 Overpass 2