Announcing New Services!

Many of RTG's projects have involved performing engineering and design for marine/waterfront environments. As a result, some of the most critical data required for the design process was often times an accurate depiction of the project's underwater topography and relative water depths, also known as bathymetry. From the design of industrial waterfront bulkheads to determining dredging limits and quantities, the overall success of RTG's marine/waterfront services has relied in large part on understanding existing mudline conditions, and the Clients' long-term goals for their marine/waterfront facilities.

After years of obtaining bathymetric data through subcontractors and third-party sources, RTG identified the need to be able to offer cost-effective, accurate, and timely bathymetric survey services to its Clients using its own staff and resources. The need for precise, yet simple to use equipment was answered by SyQwest, Inc. a local hydrographic survey system manufacturer. SyQwest recommended the HydroBox Single-Beam Echosounder, paired with RTG's already-owned Leica GS14 GNSS RTK topographic survey system. The combination proved to be a powerful, user-friendly system that is both mobile and efficient.

RTG's bathymetric survey and data reduction/interpretation services are provided by the same engineering staff who comprise the project design teams. This value-added approach has created a unique continuity throughout the design process, and has enabled RTG to streamline workflow and schedule at a noticeable cost-savings to the Client.

Whether solely for the purpose of data collection or as a part of a larger project, we encourage those who have a need for bathymetric survey services to contact us today to discuss how we may be able to assist you. We look forward to our future relationship!

-Greg RTG Senior Project Engineer