Civil Engineering:

Civil-EngineeringRT Group, Inc. offers a wide variety of civil engineering services ranging from site survey to site improvements. We are capable of facilitating your project from beginning to end with expertise in topographic surveying, drafting, contract document preparation, bidding assistance, and construction observation. RTG has experience in many aspects of civil engineering including site work, utilities, roadways, railways, and industrial facilities.

Construction Engineering:

Construction-EngineeringRT Group, Inc. has extensive experience in the construction engineering field. We work directly with contractors to solve difficult problems, coordinate with field personnel, and minimize costs while staying on schedule. RTG has worked on many projects including temporary earth support, dewatering plans, erosion and sedimentation control plans, Wave Equation Analysis of Piles (WEAP), pre- and post-construction surveys, and construction claims support. RTG has also provided protective netting/ debris shielding plans, vibration monitoring, forensics evaluation, bridge erection plans, and pile load testing (compression, uplift, and lateral).

Dam Safety:

Dam-SafetyRT Group, Inc. provides dam safety services involving the maintenance and repair of earthen and masonry dams. These projects often include local, state, and federal permitting, inspection, hydrologic and hydraulic studiesdesign and rehabilitation, and preparing Emergency Action Plans,  In addition, RTG is one of about 300 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Approved Independent Consultants in the nation.

Geo-Environmental Engineering:

Geo-Environmental-EngineeringRT Group, Inc. provides combined dewatering and treatment system designs for excavation projects on contaminated sites. RTG also offers monitoring, compliance, and design services including Remedial Investigations, Remedial Action Work Plans, Contaminated Soil Handling and Disposal Plans, and Emergency Response Plans.

Geotechnical Engineering:

Geotechnical-EngineeringRT Group, Inc. has in depth experience on a wide variety of geotechnical engineering projects including subsurface investigations, geotechnical data and design reports, deep and shallow foundations, retaining structures, temporary earth support design, shafts and tunnels, soil anchors and tie-backs, dewatering systems, pipe jacking, and ground improvements.

Structural Engineering:

Structural EngineeringRT Group, Inc. offers many structural engineering services including timber, steel, and concrete evaluation and design, structural condition assessments, and implementing building modifications that comply with all current building codes.

Waterfront Engineering:

waterfront-engineeringRT Group, Inc. provides extensive experience in waterfront and marine engineering. Our clients include municipalities, ship building facilities, marinas, and government agencies. RTG specializes in the repair and replacement of bulkheads, seawalls and piers including their ancillary structures. We also offer a full range of permitting and design services for dredging projects including bathymetric surveys, sediment sampling, chemical analyses, and biological testing.