Structural Engineering

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Fort Getty Pavilion

Fort Getty PavilionClient: The Trust
501 Wampanoag Trail, Suite 301
East Providence, RI


Structural Inspection Report Wilkesbarre Pier

Wilkesbarre Pier Structural Inspection Report, East Providence, RIClient: Dunellen, LLC
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI


3-9 Steeple Street Renovations

Steeple Street Renovations, Providence, RIClient: Capital Properties, Inc.
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI 02914


Evaluation of Building Roof Trusses

Roof Truss Evaluation, North Kingstown, RIClient: SENESCO Marine
10 MacNaught Street
North Kingstown, RI


Westchester Gov. County Offices

Client: Pustola & Associates
185 Meadow Street
Naugatuck, CT 


Evaluation of Casting Building

Structural Analysis, North Kingstown, RIClient: Quonset Development Corporation
95 Cripe Street
North Kingstown, RI


Plate Roll-Out Shelter

Plate Roll-Out ShelterClient: SENESCO MARINE
10 MacNaught Street Quonset Point
North Kingstown, RI


Tugboat Launch

Tugboat Loadout EvaluationClient: MAMMOET USA NE, Corp.
Cambridge, ON


Coastal Zone Residential Improvements

Coastal Residential ImprovementsClient: Camara Construction
11 Pokanoket Trail
Warren, RI