Bay View Drive Beachfront Improvements – Jamestown RI

Photo 1Client: Town of Jamestown
93 Narragansett Avenue
Jamestown, RI
Completion Date: February 2013
Total Project Value: $5,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Completed the Site Survey
  • Completed the Preliminary Design for a New Riprap Slope
  • Prepared Preliminary Plans and a Construction Cost Estimate
  • Assisted in Preparing the RICRMC and RIDEM Permit Applications

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Town of Jamestown (Town) to survey and design repairs to the Bay View Drive beachfront. This work was necessary due to significant wave action and subsequent erosion caused by Tropical Storm Sandy.

Photo 2The earth embankment separating the beachfront and Bay View Drive was considerably eroded during the Storm. To facilitate repairs, the Town requested that RTG quantify the extent and severity of the erosion. Accordingly, an RTG field crew surveyed the road and the beach, including submarine grades, and compared the data to pre-existing conditions.

RTG then designed repairs to protect Bay View Drive and the buried utilities located beneath it from being undermined by future storms. These repairs consisted of armoring the earth embankment with a riprap slope.

Preliminary Plans and a construction cost estimate were then prepared to assist the Town in securing funding for the implementation of the repairs. Following this, RTG assisted the Town in preparing the required Permit Applications. Final Construction Issue plans are anticipated to be prepared in the summer of 2014 followed by construction.