Capital Improvement Projects – Wilkesbarre Pier East Providence RI

Photo 1Client: Capital Terminal Co.
100 Dexter Road
East Providence, R.I.
Completion Date: 2007
Entire Project: 2,000,000

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Developed 10-year improvements plan and established an implementation schedule
  • Prepared preliminary construction cost estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Design-Build Construction
  • Prepared RICRMC permit application
  • Performed Construction Management and Inspection services
  • Facility Inspection/Monitoring and emergency repair

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by Capital Terminal Company to develop a 10-year Capital Improvements Plan for the Wilkesbarre Pier, East Providence, Rhode Island. The Pier is an offloading facility for bulk petroleum vessels ranging in size from 16,000 barrels (barges) to over 300,000 barrels (tankers about 700+/- feet long, and 70,000 to 80,000 ton displacement). The Pier was constructed in the late 1800’s.

RTG was responsible for evaluating and preparing recommendations for developing the 10-year Improvements Plan of the existing Pier. These projects include:

·         Improvement/Maintenance Dredging ·         Ship Berthing Improvements ·         Ship Mooring Improvements ·         Bulkhead and anchor system Repairs ·         Stone wall repairs ·         Erosion and timber deck repairs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARTG performed geotechnical investigations, prepared alternatives evaluation reports, and prepared preliminary cost estimates to allow the CTC to negotiate long term through put lease agreements, and plan capital improvements.

Based on RTG’s recommendations, Phase I and II of the improvements is being implemented and completed in 2005. Phase I and II includes the installation of ship berthing and mooring improvements to the existing breasting dolphin structures at the Pier. The improvements consist of structural reinforcement of existing timber supported concrete breasting dolphins, new steel H-Pile barge breasting dolphins with cone shaped energy absorption fenders, and a new steel pipe pile supported concrete mooring dolphin.

RTG is responsible for the design, permit preparation, and construction management of the improvements. The Pier is an active offloading facility which requires coordination with the client and the contractor for vessel interruptions, material deliveries, and construction activities. These two phases of the project are being completed under a Design-Build model with the marine contractor, Specialty Diving Services, Inc. (SDS). RTG also monitors, reports, and coordinates emergency repairs to the berthing structures required from damage sustained by vessel impact.