Fixed Timber Pier Repairs – Gales Ferry CT

Fixed Timber Pier InspectionClient: The Dow Chemical Co.
Allyn's Point Plant
Gales Ferry, CT
Completion Date: 2008
Total Project Value: $30,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Visual Topside Inspection
  • Supervision of Underwater Dive Inspection
  • Prepared Condition Assessment Report
  • Prepared Alternatives Evaluation

Photo 1

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Dow Chemical Company to prepare a Condition Assessment and Alternatives Evaluation Report for an existing 730‑foot-long timber pier  located at the Allyn’s Point Plant in Gales Ferry, CT.

To allow recommendations to be developed, RTG performed a visual inspection from about Mean Low Water (MLW) to the top of the pier from a small work boat, the supervision and analysis of a video monitored underwater dive inspection from the mudline to about MLW, and a visual inspection of the deck.  RTG reviewed previous pier inspection reports and repair logs of the 100 year old timber pier and evaluated alternatives ranging from partial repair to complete reconstruction.Photo 2