Floating Dock & Fixed Timber Pier Repairs – East Ferry Marina Jamestown RI

Photo 1Client: Town of Jamestown
93 Narragansett Avenue
Jamestown, RI
Completion Date: 2010
Total Project Value: $250,000

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Prepared the RICRMC and RIDEM Permit Applications
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Bidding and Construction
  • Provided Bidding Assistance
  • Provided Construction Observation

Photo 2

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Town of Jamestown to prepare Plans and Specifications for repairs and improvements to their existing timber pier located at the East Ferry Marina.

The Project consisted of installing a fixed timber pier extension off of the existing pier which allowed for access to new floating docks. The floating docks were designed by RTG along with the steel pipe guide piles used to secure the floating docks laterally.

Photo 3In addition to these improvements, RTG also performed a visual inspection of the existing pier and used the data obtained to design repairs for its failing components. RTG obtained the CRMC and RIDEM permits for construction and provided bidding assistance and part-time construction observation.