Launch Way and Dredging Improvements – North Kingstown RI

Photo 1 Client: SENESCO MARINE
10 MacNaught Street
North Kingstown, RI
Completion Date: 2008
Total Project Value: $1,300,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Obtained CRMC Maintenance Assent
  • Obtained Rhode Island State Building Permit for Construction on State (Leaser) Property
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Bidding and Construction
  • Provided Bidding Assistance
  • Provided Construction Observation Photo 2

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by Southern New England Ship Building Company (SENESCO MARINE) to design Launch Way and Dredging Improvements Project. These improvements were required to allow tug boats to be launched on wheeled transporters and to allow the area seaward of Relieving Platform No. 1 to be dredged.

Phase 1, Contract 1 of the project included the design of new reinforced concrete pavement with a geogrid reinforced subgrade to replace the existing pavement which failed under the high loads of a previous vessel launch. Modifications to Relieving Platform No. 1 were also designed, which included pile supported relieving platform extensions on either side of the existing relieving platform to allow tug boats to be launched.

Photo 3Phase 1, Contract 2 of the project included the design of a sheet pile wall located at the toe of an existing rip-rap slope. The sheeting allowed for future dredging of the waterfront area immediately south of Relieving Platform No. 1, allowing for larger vessels to be moored and launched.