Laydown Area Expansion and Air Bag Launch Way – North Kingstown RI

Laydown Area Expansion and Air Bag Launchway, North Kingstown, RIClient: SENESCO Marine
10 MacNaught Street
North Kingstown, RI
Completion Date: 2013
Total Project Value: $2,000,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Designed the Launch Way, Bollards, Wave Fence, and Expansion Area
  • Prepared the RICRMC, RIDEM, and Corps Permit Applications
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Bidding and Construction
  • Bidding Assistance
  • Provided Construction Observation

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by Southern New England Ship Building Company (SENESCO MARINE) to design a Launch Way measuring 144-feet-wide by 250-feet-long to be used to launch Dry Docks which are constructed in their yard.

This method of vessel launching consists of supporting the vessel on 6-foot-diameter air bags. The vessel is then launched by rolling it down the Launch Way slope and into the water.

The Launch Way was constructed using Pre-Cast Articulating Concrete Blocks supported by a geosynthetic reinforced stone base layer. The ramp side slopes were constructed of cast-in-place reinforced concrete.

Two (2) 100 kip lateral capacity pile supported bollards were also installed as part of the project as well as a “Wave-Fence” to prevent waves from entering the yard. In addition to the Launch Way, the project included an expansion to SENESCO MARINE’s main assembly yard.

Laydown Area Expansion and Air Bag Launch Way 2