Mill River District Shoreline Analysis – New Haven, CT

Client:English Station - Mill River District City of New Haven
165 Church Street
New Haven, CT
Completion Date: 2016 (est.)
Total Project Value: $110,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Performed a Visual Inspection of the Shoreline
  • Performed Topographic and Bathymetric Surveys
  • Prepared a District-Wide Base Map
  • Established the Wave Climate for the District
  • Developed Protective Shoreline Improvements
  • Evaluated Established Management Approaches for the Future Development of the District

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the City of New Haven (the City) to help evaluate the current and future impacts of sea level rise, storm surges, and other events in part associated with climate change within the City’s Mill River District (the District).

The City has begun taking steps to allow for future development and growth within the District. However, much of the District is located within FEMA Flood Zones and is vulnerable to flooding during the 100-year storm event. As such, and in order to address this issue, the City retained RTG to evaluate and begin developing mitigation alternatives to allow for the future development of the District.

As part of this currently ongoing project, RTG performed a visual inspection and topographic/bathymetric survey of the shoreline located within the District. RTG utilized this data to help confirm the flood climate in the District and then establish conceptual shoreline improvements in order to protect select areas of the District from future sea level rise and storm surges.