Pier 1 Cleat and Bollard Repairs – North Kingstown RI

Photo 1Client: Quonset Development Corp.
95 Cripe Street
North Kingstown, RI
Completion Date: 2010
Total Project Value: Not Available

Relevant Project Features: 

  • Performed a Pier Inspection
  • Obtained CRMC Maintenance Assent
  • Prepared Plans and Specifications for Bidding and Construction
  • Provided Bidding Assistance
  • Provided On-Call Services During Construction

Photo 2

RT Group, Inc. (RTG) was retained by the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC) to inspect the cleats and bollards at Pier 1.  Several of the cleats and bollards had failed and the QDC retained RTG to assess the damage and develop repair alternatives to help prevent additional cleats and bollards from failing in the future.

Following the submission of an Alternatives Evaluation Report, RTG prepared plans and specifications for making needed repairs, obtained the CRMC Permits for Construction, and provided bidding assistance and on-call services during construction.

The completed repairs included removing existing cleats and bollards and re-installing them with new mounting hardware and below pier timber blocking to better distribute the mooring line loads.

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