Seawall Repairs – Gales Ferry CT

Photo 1Client: The Dow Chemical Co.
Allyn’s Point Plant
Gales Ferry, CT
Completion Date: 2002
Total Project Value: $100,000

Relevant Project Features:

  • Prepared Plans and Specifications
  • Prepared DEP Permit Applications
  • Provided Site Inspection / Trouble Shooting as required

While employed at another firm, Mr. Russell prepared the plans and specifications for the repair of about 100 linear feet of deteriorated stone seawall (see photo above and below). The innovative repair included dismantling and rebuilding the existing seawall in phases to allow for continued rail traffic and raw material delivery. Most of the work was undertaken during low tide, and the Contractor generally worked a few hours in the early morning and afternoon of each day. As part of the repair, a heavy non-woven geotextile filter fabric was installed behind the re-built seawall to prevent backfill material from migrating through the seawall and help prevent sinkholes from reforming (the formation of sinkholes behind the seawall was an ongoing problem).

Photo 2The repair project was completed in 2002 and no additional sinkholes have developed in the subject area since the repair was completed. Based on the success of the repair, the Dow Chemical Company, Allyn’s Point Plant is considering repairing additional segments of the seawall. In anticipation of this, Mr. Russell requested that the Connecticut Department of Environmental Management (DEP), the primary permitting agency for this project, extend the life of the Certificate of Permission (COP) from 3 to 5 years to allow subsequent repairs to be completed over a period of time (as funding allowed).

Mr. Russell prepared and stamped the COP permit application, was the Engineer of Record for the prepared plans and specifications, and visited the site during construction. Immediately following this project, RTG was retained by the Dow Chemical Company, Allyn’s Point Plant to prepare the plans and specifications for Maintenance Dredging and a new Steel Sheet Pile Wall.